As the social planning framework develops, planning members consider the activities of local groups and governments, as well as social trends, facts based on research, feedback from residents, and council policies. They look at the influences of Federal and provincial regional plans and activities as well. Their purpose is to establish goals in the form of desired outcomes to help organizations, municipal governments, and citizens strengthen the social and environmental health of their community. These goals may include:

  • Develop a proactive approach to community issues in planning and development processes.
  • Include social planning and social justice principles in planning and development processes.
  • Take account of social impacts and community values in planning and development processes.
  • Aid in the efficient and effective development and delivery of social infrastructure and services.
  • Establish and monitor key quality of life indicators.
  • Encourage the involvement of citizens in the planning and management of a community.
  • Facilitate equitable access to housing, employment, and social infrastructure.
  • Identify, articulate, and promote a community’s cultural diversity and experiences.
  • Conserve and protect the indigenous and non-indigenous heritage of a community.